Frequently asked questions

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How it Works

After you schedule the first visit, our mobile clinic arrives (for free) to your chosen location and time. One of our certified doctors creates a 3D, digital model of your mouth, estimates your treatment plan, and schedules your first Invisalign® delivery. A few weeks later, we return with the first round of Invisalign® trays. A doctor confirms the perfect fit and schedules our next visit. Every few weeks, we return to check your progress and ensure your teeth are moving in the right direction. After you complete your smile journey, we’ll fit you for your 4-sets of custom Vivera® retainers included in your treatment plan to lock in the smile you love.

— At what age should I consider the Invisalign process?

We can begin Invisalign on people as early as 14 years old, and it’s never too late (there’s no age limit).

— How do I schedule the first consultation?


Simply check your zip code, fill out our schedule form, and then we’ll email you to set up an appointment. We work to fit your busy schedule. Having trouble? Call our smile coordinator at 773-505-6841.



— What should I have prepared for the first appointment?

Nothing. You just have to show up and we’ll do the rest. Before your appointment, during the phone consultation, we can look into your insurance to let you know how much your insurance will cover.

— Where and what type of location can I schedule appointments?

Since the free consultation is done in our high tech, modern mobile van, we can meet your WHEREVER is most convenient for you—at your front door, your work, your business, your college, your local coffee shop, etc.

— What is the cost of the first meeting?

IT’S FREE. In addition, if you agree to treatment on the day of your appointment, we can create a customized financial plan for you that day.

— What services are offered?

Invisalign clear aligners, iTero digital scanning, and smile assessments.

— Who will be in charge of my treatment?

Your doctor will be with you throughout the journey to ensure that you receive the best treatment.

— How long does the process take?

For the first visit, we ask you plan for 30 minutes. The actual scan can be done in less than 5 minutes, but we don’t want to rush getting you set up right. The journey to your new smile depends on each individual, but we’ll be able to give a better estimate once we finish our first consultation.  

— Who will be administering the consultations?

Your doctor will be there every step of the way, accompanied by a certified dental assistant.

— If I see the van on the street, do you accept walk ups?

Absolutely. As long as we do not have a scheduled appointment with another patient, we will be happy to accept walk ups. In addition, we will schedule open smile events where no appointment is needed. Be on the lookout!

— How do I keep track of my progress?

We will handle that for you. However, you can download the app “My Invisalign” for your personal tracking, which we can help you set up at your first fitting.


We offer flexible payment options to keep you smiling and a referral program to keep you saving.

— Are there referral programs?

Yes! We offer $200 off your treatment for every friend you refer and starts treatment with us. The best part? It’s unlimited. So, if you refer 5 friends that start treatment with us, you will receive $1,000 off your treatment!

— What does it cost?

We offer all treatment at a total of $4,997. But, if you choose single pay, you’ll receive 10% off your entire treatment. Otherwise, we can spread out your payments with our 24-month, interest-free plans.

— Do you accept insurance and other medical savings plans?

Yes. We accept most insurance plans. To find out if your insurance is accepted, feel free to call our smile coordinator at 773-505-6841 or your own insurance provider. We can also work with you at your first visit to determine what your final out-of-pocket cost will be for your treatment, no prior commitment needed.

— How will you collect payment?

To begin treatment, we’ll accept payment on-site with the Square Terminal. If your insurance covers a part of the investment, the checks will be mailed directly to us. For monthly payment plans, we’ll run payments based on your own customized financial plan.

— What is the payment method required?

We accept cash, charge card, or check.


Let us know when you’re available, we’ll work around your schedule.

— What are your hours of operation?

7am-7pm, every day of the week.

— Where do you offer service?

Right now, our mobile clinic is hitting the roads in the greater Chicagoland area. Check your zip code to see if you’re in our area!

— Can I schedule group appointments (family, office, etc.)?

Absolutely! The more the merrier. In the scheduling form, just write us a message and we’ll contact you to set it up!  

— How often will I need to have consultations/checkups?

Everyone is different, but on average, we like to see patients every 2 months for a 5 minute checkup to ensure that the treatment is going as planned.

— How can I cancel an appointment?

Call our smile coordinator at 773-505-6841 to reschedule or cancel an appointment! It’ll help us if it’s at least 24-hours in advance, but we also understand that things happen.

— What if I’m running late to my scheduled appointment?

Call our smile coordinator at 773-505-6841. We understand that life happens. We’ll work with you to extend your scheduled window or reschedule for a better time that works for you.


We’ve chosen Invisalign® as our provider because your teeth deserve the best. With 20 years of research, 900+ patents, the world’s largest 3D printing operation, and data from 6 million smiles, Invisalign® is the world’s most advanced clear aligner.

— How are you affiliated with Invisalign?

Our doctors all have advanced certification in Invisalign treatment. As the absolute leader in clear aligner technology, we chose them as our sole provider for your treatment.

— What is the Invisalign process?

Throughout your treatment, you’ll wear your Invisalign clear aligners 22 hours/day, and get a fresh set every 1-2 weeks until completion. Once you have your new smile, we’ll fit you for your Vivera retainers which you’ll wear at night to lock in the smile you love.  

— How is it determined that Invisalign is correct for me?

Invisalign is virtually a perfect treatment for 99% of people. After your first consultation, you and your doctor will make this decision together to ensure that it’s the right fit for your teeth and your lifestyle.

— How do I clean my Invisalign Vivera Retainers?

We offer Invisalign tablets to clean them, however, they don’t require  much maintenance since it’s recommended that they’re changed every 2 weeks.

— What happens if I lose a retainer?

Call us at 773-505-6841. We can have it replaced for you!